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The into.AI Manifesto

The aim of this directory is to become an extensive list of information resources, and hence a great starting point for people wanting to learn more about the field. From novices who are just wanted to learn more about the field, to hobbyists looking to use the various tools and software available, to students, teachers and academics who are studying and researching the field, and finally to professional practitioners and developers who are building systems and applications of AI or ML.

This site is a shared directory, a starting point for everyone, and will only become a complete directory, if we all help to keep it up to date, and list any missing or updated resource links. Certainly at this stage we know there are many more resources to add into this directory, but we wanted to launch it with what we had as a starting point.

Please help us to add in any missing resources and make this the best starting point for people interested in AI and ML.



To become the most comprehensive and independent home for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning information



To be a place that everyone interested in Artificial Intelligence finds useful, from novice to expert



To constantly update the content and to add new features to the site

The Story of into.AI

The original version of this index was built between 1991 and 1996 when Dr Andy Pardoe worked at Warwick University as a Research Assistant, working on his PhD research using Neural Networks for Non-destructive Testing of Composite Materials. This index was shared with other PhD students in the engineering and computer science department of Warwick University.

After leaving Warwick, the index was shelved for many years, kept as an archive but not maintained or updated. However in 2009, using Neural Networks to classify data as part of his MBA studies, his interest in AI and ML was re-ignited and started to update his index of AI and ML resources again.

Over the last couple of years there has been an increase in interest in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, especially with companies such as Facebook, Google, IBM and Microsoft investing heavily in such technologies and sharing with the general public various tools they have developed.

Due to this increase in interest and growth in the field it was felt that such that an index of resources would be useful to many people.

So in 2015, neurons.ai was launched.

And in 2018 we change the name to be into.AI, aligned to all our other websites that have .AI domains, and having a name that directly relates to our mission of helping people get into the subject AI.

The Informed.AI Network

We are now part of the Informed.AI Network of Information Websites for Artificial Intelligence. neurons.ai was the first site to join this network. Now the network includes a number of sites dedicated to supporting the AI community.

This network widens our scope to include technology expo, awards ceremony and publications both newspaper and magazine. We also hope this will deliver a wider community of users and followers for all of our related AI sites.


Welcome to the home of AI information resources

an index of all information resources on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning related topics


News Stories

Our News Stories section gives you all the latest popular news stories on AI and ML.

The Directory

The Directory is list of information resources organised in categories to make it easy to find the information you need.


The Videos area has a collections of featured and popular videos on AI and ML.

The Stream

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An Independent Directory of AI Resources

This directory is independent of any Company or Institution, so aims to give a completely unbiased view of the field

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