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Dr Andy Pardoe is the Founder and Curator of into.AI

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Dr Andy Pardoe

Dr Andy Pardoe

Founder & Curator of into.AI

Since doing my PhD in Neural Networks, I have always wanted to build an index of information resources for the field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Amazed that despite the massive public interest in this topic over the past few years that no one had built such a site. So was born into.AI.

Since the early days into.AI has grown and expanded into a number of websites / activities forming a complete ecosystem that supports the AI community. You can learn more at Informed.AI It is also worth visiting our About Us page to learn about our manifesto and the story of into.AI in more detail.

I hope you find this site useful, and help me keep it up to date by submitting any missing links or resources.

Thanks for your interest.

For more information about me please check out Pardoe.AI or Pardoe.VC

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