10 Conversational Business Tips For Success

Recently, conversational business has taken center stage, thanks to the evolution of the chatbot. What used to be clunky customer service tools have now been implemented in a huge variety of other processes like marketing, sales, business-to-business, and internal uses. Since conversational business isn’t just about chatbots, I’m going to tell you why bots are in the spotlight, and share some design tips that will help you on your path to success. Why Are Businesses Implementing Chatbots? Messaging is quickly becoming the most common form of communication for consumers and businesses alike. In addition to mobile app usage declining by 20% in recent times, those who do still use them spend the majority of their time on messaging apps. The number of messaging users have surpassed social media users, and as a result, businesses are targeting consumers through these channels the best way they can…with chatbots. Chatbots can be implemented in virtually every popular messaging app today. Not only this, they can now be voice-activated and new conversational devices have been launched by some of the biggest brands in the world, meaning they’re likely here to stay. Plus, they’re able to have unique interactions, at scale, thanks to the rules,…

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