11 PhD Positions in Neuroscience on “Adipocyte-Brain Crosstalk”

Research ProjectsThe DFG-funded Graduiertenkolleg 1957 studies the effects of adipose tissue hormones on CNS function and in turn, the control of adipose tissue physiology by the brain. We are looking for highly motivated candidates for the following PhD projects. Tentative start: May 2017. Identification of leptin transporters at the blood-brain barrier (supervisor: Markus Schwaninger) Effect of adipokines/cytokines on HIF-1 regulated astrocyte glucose metabolism (Olaf Jöhren) Relevance of central TRH neurons for regulation of fat browning and brown adipose tissue activity (Helge Müller-Fielitz & Markus Schwaninger) Adipocyte-brain communication after deep brain stimulation (Norbert Brüggemann & Britta Wilms) Crosstalk of dopamine and thyroid hormone signaling in the control of thermogenic adipose tissue (Jens Mittag & Alexander Iwen) Circadian regulation of brown adipose tissue activity in humans (Sebastian Schmid) A systems level approach to…

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