13% Of Businesses Adopt Artificial Intelligence, 43% More Plan To

Many business leaders are interested in tapping artificial intelligence for their company, but most are not yet using it in any form. One of the main challenges expected is how easily AI can be utilized in their business, based on a new study. While most business leaders are interested or even welcoming of AI into their business, the majority (69%) of companies are not using. An additional 17% are unsure, while only 13% of companies said they are currently using AI. However, AI is on the horizon for many, with 43% of business leaders saying their organization likley will implement any type of artificial intelligence in the next three to five years. The study comprised a survey of 200 business leaders and 200 employees from four industries: media/publishing, financial services/insurance, telecommunications/IT and corporate retail. The survey was conducted by KRC Research, a unit of the Interpublic Group, in partnership with WorkMarket. There also are difference in viewpoints between business leaders and employees. advertisement advertisement For example, while 46% of business leaders expect that artificial intelligence could be easily utilized in their industry or jobs, only 18% of employees felt the same way. Business leaders also see plenty of upsides to…

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