2 Tech Stocks Rally Over 40% in Past 3 Months

Increase dividends concept. Shareholder plan (predict) dividends growth represented by graph. Technology stocks on the NASDAQ have been steadily rising over the last three months, although the sector took a dive in late June before sharply rising heading into August. But two stocks in particular have soared over 40% since June: Seagate (STX) and NVIDIA (NVDA). 1.     Seagate (STX) Shares for Seagate are up 0.82% today, trading at 32.24. The stock has been steadily rising on news that the company is launching a 60TB solid state drive, or SSD. In early August, Seagate took a dive after announcing fourth-quarter earnings report for fiscal 2016. While the data storage company beat top- and bottom-line estimates, both of these figures were lower in comparable terms. The launch of the company’s monstrous SSD…

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