2 Very Compelling Reasons To Stay Long Google

Alphabet (GOOG) (GOOGL) has a big lead in Artificial Intelligence (AI). It is now using this advantage to subsidize and help journalists developed AI-generated news articles. Google has a €150m Digital News Initiative which seeks to help European news publishers/writers improve creation/dissemination of content through new technology. (Source: DNI/Google) Google is the king of digital advertising. It is therefore not surprising that it is helping fund research of artificial intelligence-generated news articles. Google-funded Robo-news makers can flood the world with 3,000,000 articles per month, and it will ultimately benefit Alphabet’s AdWords and search advertising platforms. The faster websites can produce more content, the more ad placements Alphabet can deliver online and on mobile devices. Online articles are the flowers in bloom which AdWords ad placements need. This kind of innovative thinking is the first reason why we should stay long GOOGL or GOOG. Google invested heavily in artificial intelligence to also help its core advertising business, its bread-and-butter. (Source: Statista) As per the chart below, Google/Alphabet has been the most industrious buyer of AI-related companies. I suspect that Google itself can make a real robo-news generator without the assistance of European news writers/publishers. (Source: Quid/Recode) I pray that EU regulators…

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