[20th Century Fox; 2016]

Theatrical Review [20th Century Fox; 2016] Director: Luke Scott Runtime: 92 minutes Written by Michael Snydel on August 30, 2016  The question of the existence of a soul has been one of the prevailing interests of modern science-fiction cinema. Films like Ex Machina, Her, Upstream Color, and now Luke Scott’s debut, Morgan, have have all prodded at the subject, keeping pace with societal paranoia about the obsolescence of humanity. This is far from a new idea. After all, the director’s own father, Ridley Scott, was exploring the Turing test more than three decades ago. But Morgan is worthy of conversation not for its achievements, but rather the way its failures and generalities characterize how far the genre has come. Artificial intelligence is no longer the final frontier and Seth W. Owen’s…

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