3Scan raises mn to advance ‘trailblazing’ robotic microscope

Having recently closed a $14 million funding round, developers at pathology services startup 3Scan are expanding research into machine learning and imaging robotics to aid drug discovery. The San Francisco-based company plans to use the new funds to advance its robotic microscope which uses knife-shaped diamonds to cut biological soft tissue, including whole organs, into tiny, almost transparent slices, before applying automated custom software to scan and analyse the samples. The patented device, which is called a Knife Edge Scanning Microscope (KESM), produces 3D spatial mapping from the data it collects, allowing scientists to analyse individual vessels in more detail, and gather highly accurate information on measurements, such as distance and surface area. ‘In the last 150 years, very little has changed in the tools available to pathologists and researchers…

Link to Full Article: 3Scan raises mn to advance ‘trailblazing’ robotic microscope

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