4th International Call for Proposals in Computational Neuroscience

ANR (France), NSF and NIH (United States), BMBF (Germany) and BSF (Israel) launch a 4th multilateral call for research projects in computational neuroscience. Data Sharing projects will also be considered.

For this purpose, the programme “Collaborative Research in Computational Neuroscience” of NSF, as described in NSF Solicitation 15-595: document on NSF website, is open to French participants.

Computational neuroscience is inclusively defined, encompassing a broad range of computational and biological goals and approaches.

Transnational collaborations (at least one French partner and one US partner) are expected to exploit complementary expertises, enabling the collaborating investigators to pursue innovative research approaches and make significant advances on important and challenging problems.

The proposals will be evaluated according to NSF evaluation procedures in coordination with ANR and the other partner agencies.

Each agency funds the partners in the respective country, according to its own national rules.

Source: 4th International Call for Proposals in Computational Neuroscience

Via: Google Alert for Neuroscience

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