5 Stories You Need to Know Today

In today’s links, helpful robots, artistic bicycles, and 3D-printed pills

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PSFK Scoop:  To celebrate the Minneapolis Museum of Arts’ centennial, a local bicycle builder created three bikes that put historic artwork in a modern context—and on wheels

The next Tesla cars will steer and parallel park themselves (Entrepreneur)

Social Editor @samleecole: Isn’t Musk calling for AI caution? Hmm…

Site Editor @blacktiles: Artificial intelligence is evil only when it isn’t directly profitable, I guess.

Editorial Researcher @MelanieHannah: What does this mean for driver’s ed of the future?

Millennials give McDonald’s some pointers on increasing its youth appeal (Eater)

Editorial Intern @teoarmus: A few additions to the list: Pay workers a living wage, stop marketing to children, get out of school cafeterias, clean up the meatpacking industry…

Consulting Intern @IdoLech: Best option for McDonalds: stop existing.

Editorial Researcher @MelanieHannah: Basically, everything goes except the golden arches

The first 3-D printed drug, coming to a pharmacy near you (Forbes)

Site Editor @blacktiles: Finally, some news that isn’t hard to swallow.

Consulting Intern @IdoLech: I see a lot of potential for misuse in this field. Goodbye drug dealers, hello drug coders!

Editor @constantwanders: Like most technology, the potential consequences are both positive and potentially harmful.

Quote of the Day: 

Despite all of the research about how sound impacts us, and massive changes in our behavior brought on by technology, many of us are still relying on the same brand identity pillars—visual and verbal—that have been in place for decades. The big ah-ha for me was that the strategic use of music and sound is missing from most brand experiences, especially in spaces and on devices where brands have new challenges to connect and engage successfully. 

—Kevin Perlmutter, chief strategist at Man Made Music, on how sound can make or break a brand’s connections with consumers

Boy and robot playing chess via Shutterstock

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