8 acquisitions ruling the AI space right now

In the last 24 months, the AI space has seen more takers than ever before. Here are 8 such acquisitions involving global tech players. Intel and Nervana Systems: The chip maker giant, Intel took the AI plunge by acquiring the San Diego-based start-up for a little over $400 million. Nervana Systems will stick to its brand, talent and its start-up thinking for deep-learning innovations, said CEO and Co-founder Naveen Rao, in an official announcement.  Apple and Turi Technologies: With an acquisition worth $200million, Apple has added another machine learning start-up to its kitty with Turi. Formerly known as Deto, Turi provides software platforms to enable other companies create their own machine learning applications. In the recent past, Apple has signed deals with AI companies like VocalIQ, Emotient and Perceptio. Microsoft…

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