A.I. Might Prevent The Next E. Coli Outbreak

A.I. is already well on its way to being the future of food service, but what if it could also do things like prevent food-bourne illnesses, such as E. coli? Researchers at University of Edinburgh say they’ve designed a software to do just that. The A.I. compares the genetic signatures of E. coli samples that have caused infection in humans to bacterial samples from humans and animals. The technology will allow researchers to identify deadly strains of E. coli before the threat becomes an outbreak. E. coli made huge headlines in the fall when an outbreak of the bacteria spread to over 43 Chipotle chains and sickened over 60 customers, prompting the CDC to call for more stringent food safety protocols. E.coli can cause food poisoning, kidney failure, and even…

Link to Full Article: A.I. Might Prevent The Next E. Coli Outbreak

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