A list of artificial intelligence tools you can use today

Artificial Intelligence for businesses: ???? Audio Capio — language transcription and recognitionChorus — automatically records, transcribes and analyses meetingsClover Intelligence — ?Deepgram — transcribes insights from phone calls, video footage, and onlineGridspace — discover more customer and employee conversationsMindMeld — advanced AI to power conversational interfaceNexidia — turns customer interactions into valuable insightsPop Up Archive — makes sound searchableTalkIQ — critical insights about your customers conversationsTwilio — building blocks to add messaging, voice, and video to web+apps ???? Business Intelligence & Analytics Arago/HIRO — optimise and autonomously IT and business operationsArimo — solution to help predict customer activity and fraudAyasdi — a suite of intelligent applications for enterpriseDataRobot — a range of products to improve enterprise productsDataminr — discovers high-impact events and news instantlyElectra by Lore — helps you to answer questions about your businessEinstein — a smarter SalesforceFuzzy AI — adds intelligent decision making to web and mobile appsLogz.io — helps you index, search, visualise and analyse your dataNXT AI — is a framework for temporal pattern recognition and predictionPaxata — to transform raw data into useful information automaticallyPoweredby.ai — helps you monitor server bugsSundown — automates repetitive tasks within your businessUBIX — making complex data science easy for enterprise ???? Conversational Interfaces & Chatbots API.ai — advanced tools needed to build conversational user interfacesChatfuel — build a Facebook chatbot without codingComm.ai — add voice and chat API to websites and appsEDDI — create, test and deploy chatbotsFPT AI Platform — automated interaction with end-usersGolem.ai — natural language interpretation tool for developersKasisto — helps you manage your business finance and customers with…

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