A* script not returning the correct path

Hello I’ve been working on a simple A* path finder for Unity in C# from various tutorials. But i don’t know why mine is not working as desired – it seems to return no valid path. My grid is setup different to most so i had to tweak it which might be why it doesn’t work. My grid structure is setup in a list of a class rather than a 2D grid that most people use. Like so: tile.Add(new Grid(0,0)); tile.Add(new Grid(-1,0)); tile.Add(new Grid(-2,0)); tile.Add(new Grid(1,0)); tile.Add(new Grid(2,0)); So my test data was like this:  Start Pos: -2,0 End Pos 2,0 Debug.Log(path.Count); = 0; //essentially no path was found This is clearly incorrect. This is my path finding function: public List FindPath(Grid startPos, Grid endPos){ Node startNode = new Node(startPos);…

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