Abstracts: AI, Ugly Animals, Zika, and More

Cross Sections / Science & Media A roundup of science news from around the Web — and around the world. • In March, Google’s AlphaGo beat the best human player in a game of GO. It was marked as a big event in the world of Artificial Intelligence, but what can it tell us about ourselves? (Wired) Less lovable mammals, like bats, get only 11 percent of the attention in papers despite making up 45 percent of mammals species. (Visual by fs-phil/Flickr) • According to new research, even scientists — or their funders — have a bias against studying ugly mammals.(Scientific American) • An inside look at how hospitals are secretly throwing their weight against health-insurance mergers. (STAT) • Painting canaries red: How canaries became one of the first cases…

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