Adobe Launches Sensei Machine Learning and AI Tools

Marketing software giant Adobe has launched a suite of services called Sensei, which use machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) for large-scale image matching, text and sentiment analysis, audience targeting and segmentation.Sensei taps into the massive amount of content and data stored by companies – from high-resolution images to customer clicks – to enable users to design, deliver and manage digital experiences. The solution is built into Adobe’s cloud offerings, to enable the automation of ‘mundane’ tasks, and drive predictive and personalization capabilities.Features include text analysis, topic modelling and sentiment analysis of digital documents; semantic segmentation showing each image region labelled with its type; using deep learning to search and tag images automatically; and intelligent audience segmentation to enable marketers to target overlapping or adjacent segments. In addition, the suite…

Link to Full Article: Adobe Launches Sensei Machine Learning and AI Tools

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