ADS is looking for a Research Assistant

NEWS ADS is looking for a Research Assistant May 13, 2016 ADS Research Assistant Project Available on Measuring and Improving City Livability Title: Measuring and Improving City Livability Supervisors: Wouter Meys (HvA), Stevan Rudinac, and Marcel Worring (UvA) We are looking for a research assistant (paid job); 2 days a week, over a 6-month period In this project we will investigate how the analysis of open data, social multimedia and participatory data can be used for measuring and improving the city livability. To get a beer insight into the citizen needs, we will complement the official neighbourhood statistics provided by the local government with a collection of neighbourhood-related social media posts. The textual and visual content of the posts will be used for automatic analysis of the sentiment in the neighbourhood. We…

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