AI Co-Writes Horror Film Screenplay

Want to see something scary? Then check out the trailer and Kickstarter page for the independent horror film “Impossible Things.” The scary part isn’t the story itself, although it looks sufficiently creepy. The scary part is who wrote the script. “Impossible Things” is being billed as the first feature film co-written by an artificial intelligence. According to the crowdfunding page, the film was “engineered using big data and artificial intelligence from the initial creative stage to ensure that it is the scariest and creepiest horror film out there!” RELATED: New A.I. Test: Can Machines Make Art? A.I. and other kinds of automated systems are already landing writing jobs. You might be surprised to learn that a good percentage of the financial reports and sports recaps in your newspaper are written…

Link to Full Article: AI Co-Writes Horror Film Screenplay

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