AI Could Spark Wars Unless Legislators Act Now, Warns Elon Musk

Entrepreneur and Tesla CEO Elon Musk has issued a stark warning about Artificial Intelligence (AI), calling it the “the greatest risk we face as a civilization.” Speaking at the National Governor’s Association Saturday, Musk called on legislators to take heed of the danger and act. Tesla Chief Executive, Elon Musk enters the lobby of Trump Tower in Manhattan, New York, U.S., January 6, 2017. REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton Daily Emails and Alerts – Get the best of Newsweek delivered to your inbox “AI’s a rare case where we need to be proactive in regulation, instead of reactive. Because by the time we are reactive with AI regulation, it’s too late,” Musk said, as quoted by Fortune magazine. “AI is a fundamental risk to the existence of human civilization, in a way that car accidents, airplane crashes, faulty drugs, or bad food were not.” Musk has long warned of the dangers posed by AI, signing a letter published by the Future of Life Institute in January supporting the Asilomar AI Principles to ensure the development of artificial intelligence that is beneficial to humanity. Musk went on to say that the introduction of broad government measures was necessary, because marketplace pressures would make widespread…

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