AI is impacting you more than you realize

In today’s age of flying cars, robots and Elon Musk, if you haven’t heard of artificial intelligence (AI) or machine learning (ML) then you must be avoiding all types of media. To most, these concepts seem futuristic and not applicable to everyday life, but when it comes to marketing technology, AI and ML actually touch everyone that consumes digital content. But how exactly are these being deployed for marketing technology and digital media? Outside of this sector, we hear about AI being applied in medical and military fields, but usually not something as commonplace as media. Utilizing these advanced technologies actually enables mar tech and ad tech companies to create highly personalized and custom digital content experiences across the web. The ultimate goal for all marketers is to drive sales through positive brand consumer engagements. A major problem for marketers is that they have so much content (often times more content than they even realize) and millions of potential places to show it, but they don’t know the most optimal place for each piece of content to reach specific audiences. With all of these possible placements, it would be incredibly inefficient, if not impossible, for a human being to amass,…

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