AI learns deep for Connected Car Assistants, ADAS &

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming more intelligent for automotive features. Automakers and Silicon Valley are all vying for pieces of the automotive AI pie. NVIDIA offers the Tegra X1 with Deep Learning. Panasonic introduced a pedestrian recognition demonstration at ITS World Congress. Mitsubishi Electric is working on cognitive driver distraction detection. Nissan premiered the IDS concept pregnant Tesla (LEAF). Toyota has partnered with MIT and Stanford to open an AI center. Tesla released its AutoPilot. While Siemens offers radar-based parking space detection. ABI Research’s Automotive Safety and Autonomous Driving and Smart Transportation Research Services report that AI especially Deep Learning based on neural network computing, parallel processing and unassisted cloud-based crowd learning are driving key innovations in automotive. AI technology is being used for Virtual Assistants, ADAS and Traffic Management.…

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