AI machines are racist & it’s all our fault – report

For decades many have feared the rise of robots would lead to AI machines dominating the planet and subjugating humans. Turns out they’re not necessarily a threat to mankind’s survival – they’re just racist bigots. The racist bot phenomenon became glaringly obvious back in March with Microsoft’s latest chatbot named Tay. Launched amid great fanfare, Tay took less than 24 hours to go rogue…or become a Nazi sympathizer to be precise. READ MORE: Botty-mouth: Microsoft forced to apologize for chatbot’s racist, sexist & anti-semitic rants The Twitter bot was supposed to learn through engagement and conversation with humans but instead began to aggregate and copy utterances from the more mischievous – and openly hostile – elements lurking online. Feminists, Jews and Mexicans were caught in Tay’s crosshairs and it also developed…

Link to Full Article: AI machines are racist & it’s all our fault – report

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