AI Startup Staqu Joins Hand With IIIT For R&D

Artificial intelligence startup Staqu Technologies has partnered with Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology, Delhi to further research on AI. The joint team would be working on creating innovative solutions in the domains of video and image understanding. Dr. Chetan Arora of the CSE Department from IIIT Delhi will lead the joint team on this collaboration. Arora is a post doctorate researcher from Hebrew University, with a vast experience of consulting technology startups in India and Japan.  Dr. Arora’s primary field of research is advancements in computer vision and machine learning. Staqu claims the association is a first of its kind between a tech-startup and the leading premier engineering institute in the country to accentuate its research and delve further into advancing the state of research in the country. “It is…

Link to Full Article: AI Startup Staqu Joins Hand With IIIT For R&D

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