AI/BOTS: Artificial Intelligence’s Impact On Jobs

Robots are coming for your job! Run! As more chatbots enter the enterprise arena, as well as the retail industry, for customer service needs, this concept has morphed from fantasy into reality. Artificial intelligence (AI) has helped to swing the pendulum in favor of chatbots, along with other technology integrations, into a sweet spot that’s helping to likely streamline processes throughout retail. Earlier this year at the National Retail Federation’s Big Show, the hot topic of debate was how chatbots can be beneficial to consumers if implemented in the correct way. Retail Systems Research’s Managing Partner, Nikki Baird, commented on this in a recent Forbes piece. “Chatbots are here, and there will be a lot more of them in retail by the end of 2017,” said Baird. “But retailers need to be careful about how they embrace them. They need to give consumers options, and they need to make sure their labor model adapts to more bot-driven interactions, so consumers don’t get frustrated.” Research, however, is suggesting that consumers are not only not bothered by robots, but that it’s the preferred method of interaction communication with retail brands. An Aspect Software Research survey confirmed that 44 percent of consumers would chose…

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