AIs fight to the death in ‘Doom’ contest next month

The framework they created, called ViZDoom, allows for the development of bots that can play Doom. It’s intended primarily for research in machine visual learning, which means that bots only have access to the screen buffer. They play by “seeing” the images on-screen, and have no access to any information within the game’s code. That’s the key difference between ViZDoom bots and the regular “AI” characters that exist inside most first-person shooters. Jaśkowski’s team was successful in its endeavor. They submitted a paper back in May proving not only that their creation was an effective research platform, but that neural networks were capable of learning visually in a 3D, first-person-perspective environment. Now, anyone can download the ViZDoom platform and test out their AI systems using it. The reaction from the…

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