An In-Depth Look At Baidu’s (BIDU) Artificial Intelligence Aspirations

Baidu (Shutterstock photo) “As we move into 2017, Baidu’s strategic evolution from a mobile-first to an AI-first company continues to gain momentum.” ~ Robin Li, Chairman and CEO, Baidu, Inc. There was a time when Baidu, Inc. (BIDU) was primarily a Chinese language Internet search provider, often dubbed as the ‘Google of China.’ In recent years, Baidu embarked on a new journey that makes it a search, artificial intelligence (AI), and autonomous driving company that is working towards innovative, next-generation products and revenue streams. Baidu is leading the AI revolution in the mainland with huge investments, collaborations and acquisitions. Here’s a look at Baidu’s AI initiatives (focusing on 2017) in the backdrop of the new guidelines by the Chinese government. Platform & Partnerships AI technologies encompass deep learning, image recognition, computer vision, robotics, collaborative systems, machine learning and natural learning process, among other things. Through the years, Baidu has accelerated its AI resourcefulness under the umbrella of Baidu research through its Big Data Lab, Institute of Deep Learning and Silicon Valley AI Lab. The year 2017 kick-started with Baidu and Ainemo unveiling ‘Little Fish’—a voice-controlled family robot powered by DuerOS, which is Baidu’s AI implementation. Like other AI assistants (such…

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