Analytics is tending to some of the NHS’s wounds

It is well-documented that the NHS is struggling on all fronts: pay freezes are leading to staff shortages; patient targets are often being missed; an increasing UK population means more burden on existing services; and the backdrop to all this is an ongoing pressure to find efficiency savings. While the idea of technology being the answer to these problems might set alarm bells ringing – see the failed NHS National Programme for IT – if approached on a smaller, more specific scale, investment in technology has huge potential for healthcare. Whether finding patterns in cancer diagnoses, helping to speed up drug discovery trials, or ensuring that medical excellence and intelligence is shared quickly and easily across the globe, data analytics could be responsible for a healthcare revolution. One hospital pioneering the way in this space is Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool. Alder Hey has teamed up with IBM to make use of its Watson artificial intelligence (AI) system, with the intention to become the first cognitive hospital in the UK. The hospital is currently collecting anonymised patient information to feed to Watson, which then analyses the data. The aim is to gain a better understanding of how patients and…

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