Apache Spark is the Smartphone of Big Data

In this special guest feature, Denny Lee of Databricks, talks about the versatility of Spark – essentially comparing it to the Swiss Army Knife of on your camping tri​p, called​ Big Data/Analytics. Hadoop is often used in tandem with sister data analysis tools — tools that let you rapidly examine “real-time” data such as Tweets or ask questions of data via the familiar SQL query language — but Spark lets you do all this from a single piece of software.​ Denny is a Technology Evangelist with Databricks; he is a hands-on data sciences engineer with more than 15 years of experience developing internet-scale infrastructure, data platforms, and distributed systems for both on-premises and cloud. His key focuses surround solving complex large scale data problems – providing not only architectural direction…

Link to Full Article: Apache Spark is the Smartphone of Big Data

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