Apple Acquires Its Third Machine Learning Startup

Recent reports revealed that Apple, once again, acquired another startup company to improve its machine learning efforts. According to TechCrunch, the company has secured the Indian-American startup company Tutlejump. This will be the third on Apple’s machine learning company acquisition. The company took over Perceptio back in 2015 while Turi was just acquired last month. READ ALSO: Project Titan Update: Is Apple Going To Buy Supercar Maker McLaren? Perceptio specializes in developing new techniques in running AI image classification systems on mobile devices. The company boasts minimal use of data, which fits in Apple’s strategy in minimizing usage of customer data. What Apple intends to do is to perform all the processing within the device and only send out minute packets of data to its servers. On the other hand,…

Link to Full Article: Apple Acquires Its Third Machine Learning Startup

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