Apple buys machine learning startup Tuplejump

Apple has acquired Tuplejump, a machine learning company based in India and the US, TechCrunch reported. No financial details available but Apple later confirmed the deal to VentureBeat. Tuplejump says it enables companies to simplify their data management technologies, making them easier to use and scalable, with customer support. Sources say Apple was particularly interested in “FiloDB”, an opensource project that Tuplejump was building to efficiently apply machine learning concepts and analytics to massive amounts of complex data right as it streams in. Tuplejump cofounders Rohit Rai and Satyaprakash Buddhavarapu note on their LinkedIn profiles that they stopped working on the startup in April and joined Apple in May. The third cofounder, Deepak Alur, joined Anaplan in April.

Link to Full Article: Apple buys machine learning startup Tuplejump

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