Apple Just Got More Public About Its Artificial Intelligence Plans

Apple is lifting the veil on some of its work in the red-hot field of artificial intelligence.The consumer technology giant debuted Wednesday a website that highlights the company’s various AI-related research projects. Named the Apple Machine Learning Journal, the tech giant is pitching it as a way for people to read about the work of its various engineers working on cutting-edge AI techniques like deep learning. Get Data Sheet, Fortune’s technology newsletter. Ruslan Salakhutdinov, Apple’s director of AI research, announced the debut of the website via Twitter. Apple hired Salakhutdinov, who is also a Carnegie Mellon University associate professor specializing in machine learning, in October amid an increasing push by big tech companies like Google that are hiring AI experts from academia. Apple currently lists only one research project on the new website that appears to be a re-written version of a research paper published in fall. Unlike the original research paper, Apple has removed the names of the researchers who worked on the paper for the revised version now posted on the Apple Machine Learning Journal. The website’s first post shows how Apple is researching how to teach computers to recognize faces by “training” them on images of computer-generated…

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