Apple Keeps Buying Companies In This Space

Apple aapl is really pushing into this machine learning thing. A month after it came out that the company had bought Turi, it is now reported to have bought another company in the space, called Tuplejump. Tuplejump was (its website has vanished) an Indian-U.S. company with technology for managing large amounts of data, or “big data” as the jargon has it. TechCrunch, which reported the acquisition, said Apple was likely interested in an open-source Tuplejump project called FiloDB, which uses machine learning techniques to analyze fast-streaming data. Get Data Sheet, Fortune’s technology newsletter. Machine learning involves teaching computers how to learn from the data they are presented, so they can make predictions based on those learnings. For Apple, it’s important for making the firm’s Siri virtual assistant smarter and better…

Link to Full Article: Apple Keeps Buying Companies In This Space

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