Apple Patents Headset That Uses Artificial Intelligence

Apple is working hard on enhancing the display technology using the AI and now they have got a huge success in that regard. They have been granted the patent for the newly developed display headset that uses Artificial Intelligence. Apple’s cool feature with added Virtual Reality capabilities in this headset which uses the camera on the headset or the one associated with an iPhone to enhance the functionalities of the iPhone. This headset can also operate at a different resolution which further adds to the advantage of this device. Apple has suggested that the headset would work with Siri. It is believed that this headset would come in market in two different forms. Why this technology? The addition of this new Virtual Reality headset will enable the user to see the normal surroundings like the virtual environment. They could now get the real feel of their surroundings and could also watch the certain video in the VR mode which would give them the better experience that watching the same video in 2-D or 3-D. The user could pair this headset with the other device like their iPhone and then use the headset with that device, it can also use the camera present…

Link to Full Article: Apple Patents Headset That Uses Artificial Intelligence

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