Are radiologists becoming obsolete?

With the evolution of IBM’s Watson supercomputer and other advancements in artificial intelligence, could machines replace radiologists? That’s a topic to be explored during a session at RSNA 2016, Nov. 27-Dec. 2 at McCormick Place in Chicago. Eilot Siegel, M.D., a radiologist and professor at University of Maryland School of Medicine, and Bradley J. Erickson, a radiologist at Mayo Clinic, will take opposite sides during their presentation. Radiologists are worried that technology could replace them, acknowledges Siegel. “What they know is what they hear in presentations and read in journals. They are hearing that the threat is machine learning and artificial intelligence.” In fact, U-Maryland is seeing some students moving away from radiology to other specialties. They can stop worrying, Siegel says. His answer: Stop worrying. “My message simply is…

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