Artificial intelligence and racism

Andrew Heikkila Crunch Network Contributor Andrew Heikkila is a tech enthusiast and writer from Boise, Idaho. More posts by this contributor: Self-Driving Cars And The Kobayashi Maru The STEM Skills Gap Is Only As Real As The Purple Unicorn How to join the networkReplicants. Cylons. Skynet. Hal 9000. These are the classic pop-culture references the average person might conjure when they hear the term “artificial intelligence.” Yet, while some see AI as a novelty still guised in the trappings of the far-flung future, others realize the dawn of AI is much closer than previously thought. CNBC’s piece on Hanson Robotics shows just how far we’ve come. Indeed, AI is here — although Microsoft’s blunder with Tay, the “teenaged girl AI” embodied by a Twitter account who “turned racist” shows that we obviously still have…

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