Artificial intelligence and Robotics – enabling a new business roadmap

Technology is not only reshaping the business ecosystem, but redefining the very nature of business. Today, IT within the corporate space has moved beyond being a support function to being one of the most critical business enablers. This move has made it necessary for companies to view tech implementations as core assets that boost their market performance. In light of this changed dynamic, companies are no longer looking for technology to merely complement their offerings, but in fact looking for technology to base their offerings on and to create path breaking offerings. This has made the role of the CIO incredibly demanding, as their decisions now directly impact business profitability. Moreover, the capabilities presented by technology today are far surpassing their earlier counterparts. As the concept of the Internet of Things is gradually taking shape, the industry is gradually embracing technology that is smarter and more dynamic in nature. Intelligence at its best Intelligence and automation have become the new norm within any tech deployment, with robotics and artificial intelligence making processes and systems smarter than ever before. This redefinition of the workflow has created a dilemma for the industry at the moment, given the revision of skillsets required within…

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