Artificial Intelligence, Benchmark in Medical Field

As diseases continue to evolve, medical practitioners have been having a hard time in detecting diagnostic information from medical images. The International Business Machines Corporation, one of the leading companies in technological advancement, will soon lead the medical field in a new horizon and could offer a practical solution to this problem.

The new advancement will help health facilities and medical institutions, manage and cure diseases efficiently. This medical advancement is made possible through the utilization of artificial intelligence.

As earlier reported, IBM have sealed a deal with Merge Healthcare early last week. The deal have boosted the capabilities of Watson. This move by IBM could help medical experts and practitioner in pinpointing the cause of the diseases. The use of artificial intelligence will help doctors treat disease more effectively and more efficiently. Through this advancement it was estimated that it could decrease the annual spending on health care worldwide by $7.2 trillion.

According to IBM, artificial intelligence can be utilized to process large volumes of medical related images. Through artificial intelligence, combined volumes of data and images can be utilized in a text-based medical records. Having these records will help and work alongside physician in validating medical treatment decisions.

Recently, deep learning was incorporated in Watson’s skill set. This new skill set is similar to how our brain works. This was inspired by the processes by the neuron networks in the brain. This technology has already proven to be successful, voice recognition and image recognition are among its feat. One of its new promising result which is near completion is in detecting melanoma. It is highly possible that the system could recognize even the most subtle and minute  feature of the disease.

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