Artificial intelligence boosts wine’s bottom line

Credit: Ailytic The Australian wine industry is turning to artificial intelligence to streamline its manufacturing. South Australian tech firm Ailytic has developed an artificial intelligence (AI) program to significantly increase production efficiency by optimising machine use. It uses an AI technique called ‘prescriptive analytics’ to account for all the variables that go into mass-producing wines such temperature, wine changeover and inventory. The program then creates the best possible operation schedule, allowing companies to save considerable time and money. Ailytic’s list of clients includes world-renown wine companies such as Pernod Ricard, Accolade Wines and Treasury Wine Estates. It has now included South Australian company Angove Family Winemakers as well. Pernot Ricard Global Business Solutions Manager Pauline Paterson said AI was highly beneficial for the wine industry and helped to increase the bottom line. “We use it mainly around production line and use it to derive the most efficient way to produce our product,” she said. “It is definitely helpful with changeover, how many bottles we need, how much wine and what order to do everything in.” Ailytic’s system is able to obtain essential information from wineries using remote sensors, which are placed around machines and vineyards. These sensors track a number…

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