Artificial Intelligence Culture

At Ness, our enterprise customers are eager to explore their hidden treasure in the data that they have generated over the years. Market research shows a growing demand for data monetization, and estimates that the Big Data market will be $125B (USA, including hardware, software and services) by 2025 [Source: Million Insights]. In 2014, Big Data generated $23B in revenue and we are expecting 5x-6X growth by 2025. Here are additional data facts – According to Forbes, the cloud computing market is increasing with a CAGR of 19% to $162B by 2020. Forbes also reported that 1.5 MB of data is generated every second for every human being on the planet. This means the digital universe of data will stand at about 44 zettabytes in the next few years. That’s an incredible amount of data! Digital leaders have already started harnessing data generated through systems of record and other semi-structured/unstructured data sources, carrying out exploratory analytics that assist them with business insights and perhaps making more informed decision when it impacts revenue growth and profitability. Examples are Adobe, Nike, Amazon, Google, Yahoo! etc. One more data point comes from the retail industry which is undergoing severe disruption.  Amazon has been sitting…

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