“Artificial Intelligence” Dead?

Previous post Next post            Tweet Tags: Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Gregory Piatetsky, Hugo Larochelle, Machine Learning, Pedro Domingos, Xavier Amatriain Has Deep Learning become synonymous with Artificial Intelligence? Read a discussion on the topic fuelled by the opinions of 7 participating experts, and gain some additional insight into the future of research and technology. By Matthew Mayo, KDnuggets. comments Deep learning has achieved some very impressive accomplishments of late. I won’t review them here, but chances are you already know about them anyhow. Given these high-profile successes, one could forgive the uninitiated (be they laymen or tech-savvy individuals) for the casual confounding of terms such as “artificial intelligence” and “deep learning,” among others. It seems these 2 terms, specifically, are moving increasingly close to one another, and…

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