Artificial Intelligence Destroying Humankind to Be Exaggerated Threat

MOSCOW (Sputnik) — SpaceX founder Elon Musk and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg have recently engaged in a public argument on the threats posed by AI, with Musk advocating proactive regulation and Zuckerberg calling such warnings “irresponsible.” Exaggerated FearsProfessor of Computer Science at Brown University Michael L. Littman said that he did not believe Musk’s warning were well-founded and explained that the tech entrepreneur was referring to a science fiction notion of AI in his predictions. “There are two different concepts that are referred to as AI. There is the kind of AI that people have been developing for decades and that has, especially in the last decade, been having huge effects on society. That’s the kind of AI Zuckerberg is talking about. Then, there’s a Sci Fi notion of AI, sometimes called AGI (artificial general intelligence) that is a purely hypothetical construct. This kind of AI can improve itself, can create its own goals, can develop creative solutions to the problems it poses itself, and, in more apocalyptic scenarios, can unilaterally take actions that destroy all human life. That’s what Musk is talking about,” Littman told Sputnik. According to the expert, that form of AI does not exist and is believed by some people to be possible based on “unsubstantiated extrapolations from what has already been created.” Littman noted that both AI and AGI had…

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