Artificial intelligence for a better tomorrow

Milind Tambe will co-lead the Center on Artificial Intelligence for Social Solutions. (Photo/Phil Channing) A typical nightmare scenario goes something like this: Robots first replace autoworkers on the assembly line. Then they move into white-collar jobs, writing articles, drafting legal documents and reading X-rays. Finally, the robots, growing ever smarter through machine learning and Big Data, displace even the most highly trained workers. The result: Unemployment rates skyrocket and the economy craters. Another scenario: Robots become so intelligent that they not only can beat people in chess and on Jeopardy!, but they also think faster, better and more analytically than any of us. In time, robots subjugate humanity. Milind Tambe thinks these dystopian visions, so popular these days, miss the mark. Instead, the Helen N. and Emmett H. Jones Professor…

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