Artificial Intelligence: Here Now and Helping the Channel

Alex Shvayetsky By Alex Shvayetsky Few people have a clear understanding of what “AI” really means at the present moment. Even Mark Zuckerberg is fuzzy on the concept, if you believe Elon Musk. Right now, most people think of AI as embodied in some futuristic robot that will eventually take their jobs and might even create a human vs. machine conflict that everyone should worry about. The truth is, AI is already here in the form of consumer tools that improve our daily lives: Think image recognition with Facebook to provide photo recommendations, natural language processing by Siri on your iPhone or machine learning by Amazon to recommend products you might like. There are many other areas where AI is providing not just a better user experience, but actual, measurable business results. And it’s not just in development stage; it’s happening right now. Artificial intelligence in medicine is saving thousands of lives every year. AI-powered health assistants by Baidu, Your.MD, Babylon Health, Morpheo and Ada can provide users with immediate information about their medical conditions. AI-based clinical decision-making programs powered by IBM Watson and Google DeepMind help to alleviate the load on medical professionals by diagnosing easily recognizable health concerns and red-flagging…

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