Artificial Intelligence in Action: Redefining Law Services

The law industry is drastically changing.Previously, it was extremely difficult to meet the requirements to start a career as a lawyer for big enterprises. The positions required time-consuming (and expensive) education, real-work experience, and/or high grades from a university for new hires from a campus, etc. About a decade ago, a specialist with 10 years of experience and a respectable library of legal literature was considered ‘a good lawyer’.Now computers, law databases, and automated workplaces are prevalent in the law industry. These innovations have accelerated the pace of both business management and customer service, with knowledge-sharing platforms and document template libraries now standard fare. In turn, these services decrease the need for lawyers to perform simple operations, having an enormous effect on the industry.In Eastern Europe, many law degree students who graduated in the year 2000-2010 have not been able to find jobs in law services. The need for such a large number of specialists had significantly decreased over the decade due to automation. In just 20 years, technology had replaced the ground base of law services – from real people and paper libraries, to automated workplaces, shareable knowledge bases, enhanced expert systems, and AI technology.From a technological point of…

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