Artificial Intelligence in Pokémons’ Service

Even AI cannot escape Pokémons Go’s viral craze after Human Intelligence readily submitted.That’s all due to a bright idea of combining IBM’s Watson AI with the gameplay of Pokémon Go. Michael Hsu, a researcher looking to apply AI to novel uses as part of the AT&T Shape Tech Expo Hackathon, managed to put Watson’s intelligence to work in recognizing, tracking and sharing rare Pokémons’ locations amongst users around the world. Surely, tracking and sharing Pokémon locations is not something earth-shattering as there are plenty of apps like PokeMapper that employ crowd-sourcing approaches for filling in the spots. However, that’s a manual and time consuming approach that could very well be automated. Hsu’s application makes the difference in that it works behind the scenes, and without human intervention, by consuming intermittent screenshots…

Link to Full Article: Artificial Intelligence in Pokémons’ Service

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