Artificial intelligence is aiding dairy farming

A major disease of dairy cattle is called cow lameness (or hoof disease). Gait refers to the pattern of movement of the limbs of animals. Gaits are typically classified according to footfall patterns, and while the gait is at it should be the cow can move and feed freely. Where hoof disease occurs, the movement of the animal is adversely affected. One reason for the disease is the development of an ulcer, which can arise due to a bacterial infection. The disease can be life-threatening. A solution to help fairy farmers to detect the disease has developed from images of cow gait. This is a device that consists of an image analyzer scanner and software. This took the form of machine learning, where a series of images helped a computer program ‘learn’ the signs and symptoms of the disease. The tool now has an accuracy of 99 percent. The image analyzer and computer program have been developed by Professor Yago Yasushi from the Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research at Osaka University. The project was supported by together with Professor Nakada Ken from Rakuno Gakuen University. The aim was come up with something relatively simple to use, in the form…

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