Artificial Intelligence is Coming to Police Body Cameras in the US

Making existing technology more intelligent and efficient is a top priority for many companies. Motorola, a well-known manufacturer in the world of consumer electronics, is looking to improve police body cameras. The partnership between Motorola Solutions and Neurala will introduce artificial intelligence to various body cameras and software solutions. Artificial Intelligence and Police Body Cameras The partnership between Motorola Solutions and Neurala took a lot of people by surprise. Both companies endeavor to continue expanding their presence in their respective markets, but using artificial intelligence to develop intelligent cameras is something most people might not be too happy about. This is especially true when it comes to police body cameras and other types of equipment often used by law enforcement agents. However, using AI for this purpose makes a lot of sense. According to their official press release, Motorola will use Neurala’s AI capabilities in the Si500 body camera. The goal of this partnership is to make the existing technology smarter and more adept at handling different situations. The AI integration will also allow the cameras to automatically search for persons of interest as well as objects which are identified as potential security threats. The bigger challenge will be getting rid of any false positives. Artificial intelligence…

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