Artificial intelligence is our chance to shoot for the moon

A common criticism of the recent election has been that the campaigns failed to address many of the big issues that will affect the futures of most people. It’s a fair point. I don’t recall hearing one politician talk about the rapidly changing world of business and work, and what this country may look like in the future – or indeed what they intend to do about it. As someone who works in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), you would expect me to pay close attention to political statements on such things. But my interest in what national leaders think is not purely a commercial one. I truly believe that AI can change our world for the better. Read more: Meet the pair preparing London (and the world) for our AI future However, despite its vast potential, I believe there is a key component which would allow AI to take off that is currently lacking – and that is strategic ambition. I have read frequently, including in these pages, that we are supposedly on the brink of a Fourth Industrial Revolution. But you would not know this from the way that many in government are speaking. Two cross-party groups…

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