Artificial Intelligence Laboratory Invents New Styles of Art

“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination,” Albert Einstein observed, suggesting that it is not the accumulation of information that is important so much as the mind’s ability to dream up new possibilities. Throughout human history, we have relied exclusively upon that which exists within, using our brain to conceive ideas that we are driven to execute. But in the twenty-first century, researchers have gone beyond the biological and entered an new realm, using the machinations of artificial intelligence to create options outside of our selves. Like imagination itself, AI is limitless, in as much it is an extension of some people’s fantasy of creating the simulation of “life” inside an inanimate object. A team of researchers at Rutgers University in New Jerse and Facebook’s AI Lab in California are using AI to create a new system for generating art. They recently published their study, “CAN: Creative Adversarial Networks, Generating ‘Art’ by Learning About Styles and Deviating from Style Norms,” at Cornell University Library as an extension of a paper published at the eighth International Conference on Computational Creativity held in Atlanta, GA, from June 20 to 22, 2017. The team, headed by Ahmed Elgammal, built Generative…

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